Tuesday, October 25, 2011

#52: Get a Haircut

Last year at this time, I just lost my full head of hair. By the time treatment was over, all my body hair fell out and my eyebrows thinned to shadows of their former, bold selves. Throughout treatment, I would lay awake in the morning and unconsciously reach for a strand of my long hair to twirl and tug at. It was a cold dose of reality to touch my hand to the skull cap that kept my bald head warm at night.

Despite my worst fears, my hair and my eyebrows grew back. My hair is growing back in full force (someone told me this week how "big" it was - is that a compliment?), and I've been frequenting the hair salon to keep my shag fully under control.

I love my short hair - it suits my low maintenance beauty regime. But, I've decided (just as I'm writing this post), that I want to grow it out. In order to get the full impact of this resolution, I need to regain the long, unruly hair I started with.

And once my mane has returned to its former breadth, you can be sure I won't feel even a little guilty for getting a completely overpriced haircut.

What would be the point in growing out my hair, if I wasn't going to pay someone an exorbitant amount to remove most of it?

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