Friday, November 18, 2011

#42: Have a Bubbly Bubble Bath

I had a lot of baths before cancer, but I never really understood the whole luxurious, indulgent, bubble bath experience you see on TV, in the movies and commercials until starting chemotherapy.

Many of treatment's side-effects made me appreciate a hot bath more than I could before. These included: not having to worry about ruining my hair (I had none); needing to soothe my stiff, achey joints that made walking up and down the stairs a challenge; and warming myself up from a coldness I had never experienced before. For all these reasons, and other, immeasurable mental health reasons, bubble baths became a daily occurrence for me during treatment.

The physical me doesn't need bubble baths anymore (although they are a lot easier with short hair). But the mental me does. After a week of working 12 hour days, the thank-god-I'm-finally-home-after-such-a-hard-day bubble bath has been my saving grace. Clearing your mind while indulging your physical self is the best way to wrap up a long work day.

So now you know where I'll be for the next 10-15 minutes. Peace out!


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