Sunday, November 13, 2011

#80: Have 5 Birthday Parties

Last year my birthday wasn't worth celebrating. So instead, I had five birthday parties.

.... Huh?

I couldn't help it! I had one official birthday celebration, one surprise, one family-centred, one my-boyfriend-took-me-out and one the-actual-day-of-my-birthday celebration. Each celebration was meaningful and important, and to be honest, the celebrating helped me forget why I didn't want to.

This year, however, my birthday was totally worth celebrating. Not only did it fall on a Saturday, but after a year like the last one, I refuse to feel bad about focusing on a day that is completely dedicated to me (and all the other people who were born on November 5th).

So this time I had five birthday parties - on purpose!

Lunch with my mom and aunt, a night out with my girlfriends, dinner-at-home-with-my-family, dinner-with-my-boyfriend's-family ... and one celebration that my boyfriend has yet to pull out of his sleeve.

I don't feel bad about unabashedly loving my birthday. After all the anniversaries I've acquired over the past year, it's one of the few that I don't hate.

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