Sunday, September 25, 2011

#36: Raise Funds for a Good Cause

Last year at this time, my family was eager for ways to help me out. My mom and my older sister made over my room in my mom's house, leaving my younger sister on her own to find a way to pitch in.

With her birthday around the corner, and wanting to avoid the usual bar outing, she decided to recruit her friends to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and complete the Light the Night Walk. It was such a good idea, I decided to rally my own friends and join her!

Combined, our teams raised $7000 for leukemia and lymphoma research!!

I interpreted the overwhelming response from friends and family who were willing to donate as proof of how eager everyone was to help out, not just my close friends and family.

So, this year, I'm doing it again! Next Sunday, I'll join thousands of survivors and supporters in the 5km Run for the Cure. If you, like so many others, are eager for a way to help, you can sponsor me at this link.

Sometimes fundraising can be a nuisance. Other times, it can be an opportunity for your loved ones to show you that they care!

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