Thursday, December 27, 2012

#101: Make Your Resolutions Count

It's that time of year! After guiltlessly indulging in food and drink, consumerism and gift-giving, rest and relaxation, a list begins to form on all that you'll do differently in the bright, shiny new year. Perhaps you'll eat less, workout more, stress less, spend time with loved ones, read more or maintain the positive momentum you started this year. It's a time for optimism, hope and unwavering commitment. But how do you make it stick?

This recently published article in Huffington Post Canada provides a few tips. Reading it made me wonder, what's my advice? Do I subscribe to the SMART goal philosophy? Not likely, considering most of my resolutions aren't quantifiable. Imagine having to record and set a timeline for each time I "Just Said No"? I'm not sure that would capture the point... 

My resolutions may not be Specific, Measurable, Attainable or Time-bound. But, they are always Relevant. My advice for making New Year's Resolutions is simply this: Make resolutions that are meaningful to you. 

Do you really want to lose 10 pounds before a wedding you're attending in May? Or, do you want to feel good in a new dress? Run up a flight of stairs without feeling winded? Eat better? Sure, the consequences of each of the latter goals may be losing 10 pounds... but what if you didn't? Did you accomplish nothing?

Making one resolution, one time a year means you will be successful only once. Instead, why not aim for success all the time? It's common knowledge in the goal-setting-world that you'll encounter setbacks, so why not shift the focus to careful thought and reflection throughout the goal-attaining-process? 

New Year's is a great time to get motivated to make changes and improvements. But, they have to matter to you. Eventually, the status quo will pull you in, and unless you've resolved to make change relevant and ongoing, you'll fall off the bandwagon.

SMART goals are a fantastic tool, especially if your goal is to quit smoking or run a marathon. But consider this, what would disappoint you most if you weren't successful? The goal is in the process. New Year's comes again year after year, and resolutions can be made and re-made. A commitment to change, however, can make you successful year-round.  


  1. I always like telling my closest friends about my goals, this way, when or if there are set backs, I've got some people that will help get me back on track.

  2. That was going to be one of my resolutions! Be held accountable... don't claim I stole it from you! :D