Friday, June 29, 2012

#48: Just Say No

I blogged privately throughout treatment. At one point, I was overcome with a particularly stunting bout of writer's block, and reached out to my followers to ask me questions. I'll never forget one posting I pulled together in response to a question posed to me by brother-in-law, who asked what I've learned from my cancer experience. The list I created in response was inspiration for my 100 Resolutions.

On that list was this resolution, simply saying no. This goes hand-in-hand with my posting about #71: "Me" Time and #43 Playing the Cancer Card (can you tell I'm loving the new "search" function on my blog), where you simply slow down and stop giving parts of yourself, your energy, your focus away.

I have been exhausted lately. Somehow the longer, summer days don't increase my energy, allowing me to maximize my time outside of work. It doesn't help that the time I do have off work is spent traipsing around North America without a moment to catch my breath. The worst part is, most of the things that take up my time outside of work are the things I want to do, and refuse to give up! But, I've learned (especially during cancer treatment), that I have limits. Which means, unfortunately, that sometimes I have to say no, no matter how badly I want to do something.

There's a happy medium between doing the things I love, fulfilling the obligations I have, and getting the rest I need. Hopefully this long weekend, I'll tread that fine line perfectly without saying no to anyone. And if not, I hope whatever I say no to ends up being a flop anyway!

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