Tuesday, November 20, 2012

#6: Train for a Half-Marathon

LOOPHOLE ALERT! As I geared up to write a disappointing, defeating post about not having completed a half-marathon, I realized - I never set out to complete one! My original goal was to train for a half-marathon! And for all intents and purposes, I am.

It's no secret that since finishing a 10km last December, I've struggled to get out for a run. Am I lacking will power? Has my routine been disrupted after moving in with my boyfriend? Do I need more weight-training to rebuild muscle mass? Restorative yoga to ease my joints? Or, is the systemic treatment I endured to put cancer into remission still taking its toll on my body?

One of many bike rides.
In the wake of these concerns, I've failed to acknowledge a few things. In the past year:

  • I ran a 10km.
  • I biked to and from work minimum 4 times/week for 7 months.
  • I worked out with a personal trainer and regained much of my muscle mass (especially in my glutes).
  • I started going to yoga regularly.
  • Despite how hard getting out for a run is, I've been doing it for the past month twice a week. Sometimes in the mornings (!). 
Wait a minute... Is this the same girl who was just lamenting about how defeated she is by her lack of will power?! 

Even though this blog is a record of goals achieved, there is no outcome without process. Thankfully, the post-cancer me of eighteen months past took this into consideration, allowing me to narrowly escape disappointment. I still have will power, routines, and a strong body. Cancer didn't take that way from me. And one day, those things will make training and completing a half-marathon a piece of cake. 

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