Sunday, September 16, 2012

#67: Go for an Early Morning Run

This resolution is the product of the endless hope and opportunity that opened up to me after being confined socially, physically and emotionally for close to eight months of cancer treatment. Unfortunately, my motivation has waned since then.

Two years since starting treatment, I have accepted that my body won't run the same, and that I need more sleep than ever to recuperate. I've been checking off resolutions for 18 months now, and put off having to do this one ever since.

With only 12 resolutions to go, however, I couldn't put off the early morning run anymore. At the very least, I agreed with myself to get up earlier than usual and put my running shoes one. With such a low expectation to meet, I was successful. I jogged slowly for approximately 1km (I wasn't lying when I said running post-treatment is hard), and got home with plenty of time to get ready for work. I wasn't that tired throughout the day, and made it to the evening without needing a nap.

Morning is the most hopeful part of the day.
When making the resolution I thought the reward would be losing weight and getting fit. But, the best part was waking up early. I had some rare time to myself, the potential of the day lay ahead of me, and the world was peaceful and quiet. I even brainstormed a list of tags for my blog (which you'll see in a cloud to your right) - before going to work!

This Tuesday, I'm going out again. Turns out the mild fatigue was worth getting up for, and I look forward to feeling productive, and not like a slave to sleep cycle. Whether I'll actually jog or not, I don't know. I'll have my running shoes on just in case.


  1. Well, I certainly feel lazy now. Keep with it!

  2. Agreed - keep up the running, or at least the wearing of running shoes :) (Just in case you feel inspired)

    You're already on resolution #67 and I've only just found this blog, but nevertheless it will be great to follow along. Keep up the great writing, Stephanie.