Saturday, September 22, 2012

#61: Don't FML

The fad saying FML ticked me off during treatment. It frustrated me to hear such disrespect for a life we should be grateful for living. Eventually, my bitterness wore off, and I came to accept the acronym's humour and casualness. I delayed this resolution because I didn't want to be the Debbie Downer who pointed out how serious and careless saying it was. Until I saw a pattern emerge in my own use of the words.

I don't utter FML often. When I do, it's in very specific instances. Examples: I forgot my keys to the office after trekking 40 long minutes to get there. FML. I spilled chicken covered in ranch dressing all over my freshly dry-cleaned dress on the way to a wedding... FML. I let a goal in during tie-breaking penalty kicks in my playoff soccer game. FML. I forgot the lease papers after my boyfriend and I sat in 30 minutes of traffic to get to the apartment to sign it. F.M.L.

Do you see the pattern? In each instance, I blamed myself for being at fault, without realizing I had unconsciously set my expectations unattainably high. I expected myself to be perfect. Which - Surprise! - I'm not.

For that reason, I'm trying not to FML. Instead, I'm trying to FMS (Forgive MySelf, get it?), because everyone makes mistake and I can't scold myself every time I do.What I can do, is laugh. And that's what the FML website is for.    

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