Saturday, May 12, 2012

#88: Never Eat Street Meat

What does cancer have to do with a hot dog stand on the street? How did my experience as a patient relate to those innocent, well-meaning, just-want-to-help-out-the-kids-filing-out-of-the-bar-at-2am-on-a-Saturday-night street vendors?

Nothing. From what I can tell, the two are seemingly unrelated.

Unrelated except that since I was diagnosed the idea of consuming pre-cooked, re-heated, over-processed, preservative-ridden street meat simply repulses me.

I don't know what happened! It's not like I overhauled my eating habits and eat nothing but organic, preservative-free foods. I still love to drink, eat junk food, indulge in chocolate and even enjoy fast food on rare occasions.

I am more educated since my diagnosis about the role food can play in preventing a cancer (street meat isn't one of those foods). And I do feel obligated to repay my body for its heroic fight against cancer with nourishing and invigorating foods.

But then, why are big bowls of cereal and a bag of Twizzlers ok? Why don't I have the same repulsion to high sugar, high fat foods that may do as much harm as the food from Toronto's street vendors?

I have no idea. But hey - if my body's repulsed by at least one of those junky foods that do your body nothing but harm, I'm not going to question it. It's a start, right?  

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