Saturday, May 5, 2012

#40: Spend the Night at Home Reading

My spring break is over, and so is the reading fun that came with it. But before hitting the textbooks this week, I got four whole weeks to hit the 'fun' books, a stockpile of which awaited me after finishing my last semester.

I hate that I don't get the opportunity to read for fun. There's nothing more satisfying than delving into a really good book, becoming friends with the characters, watching their lives unfold through imagery, prose and words, and living in their world. While reading a really good book, hours can pass like minutes. It was the perfect way to spend my time during treatment.

I would sit on my couch and read for hours while I was off on my sick leave. Finally, I got the chance to read all the books I had on my 'to-read' list for years. I read Secret Daughter, Cancer Ward, Anil's Ghost, The Millenium Trilogy (must-read), Annabel, The Mistress of Nothing, The Best Laid Plans, Eva Luna (Isabel Allende is my favourite), Those Who Save Us, Sarah's Key, The Emperor of All Maladies, Late Nights on Air, Water for Elephants, Anticancer, Half Broke Horse, Emma, The Sea Captain's Wife (highly recommend), Island Beneath the Sea (highly recommend), The Book of Negroes ... to name but a few. I ploughed through those books like it was my job, and treasured the feeling of accomplishment I had once I completed each.

My four weeks off from school were no different. I even spent a whole weekend (including Friday & Saturday nights) at home blazing through the intensely thrilling, suspenseful and emotional trilogy, The Hunger Games. If you're feeling stuck with your current reads, this one will kickstart you into summer - it's so good!

This weekend, however, I'll be trucking through Models of Teaching at a painfully slow pace.  But, alas, it's paving my way to a happy piece of paper that will hopefully advance my career. 

To the rest of you - use the free time you have. Get reading!! 

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