Saturday, December 24, 2011

#84: Pop Some Bubbly

It wasn't until I met my chef boyfriend that I learned the bubbly wine I had been cracking open on special occasions wasn't champagne. Champagne, apparently, only comes from the Champagne region of France.

It also comes from Buffalo, NY, where the price-tag is significantly less than it is at the LCBO (something else I learned from my boyfriend). Cheap champagne and dating a man who knows how to celebrate in style means we've drank our fair of champagne over the past few years. Each milestone, including the many we endured throughout cancer treatment, was marked by popping some bubbly.

But, you don't need a good reason to pop open a bottle of champagne - in fact you don't need a reason at all. Last week, we brought a bottle of champagne to a friend's dinner party, and drank it from our tall, Perrier Jouet flutes, as we crowded around the small couch to watch the Leafs v. Sabres game. Somehow, the ceremonious process of popping open the bottle, and simultaneously tasting the same flavour as the people you're sharing with (are those almonds?), facilitates festivity.

Even with nothing to celebrate, sipping on champagne makes an otherwise uneventful gathering feel like a celebration.

No money? No milestone? No problem. Pop some bubbly tonight!

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