Saturday, December 17, 2011

#82: Get Pakistani Food in Little India

Like the tagline of my blog states, I started this blog because I spent a lot of time during treatment envying what able-bodied, healthy people were doing.

The most memorable time my envy reared it's ugly head was the Saturday after my chemo treatments. My boyfriend would call me from Toronto, enjoying a night out with the boys, as I sat imprisoned in my cell in Milton, hopped up on prednisone, unable to sleep, bald, weak, lonely, isolated, bored, and Hating. Life.

As petty and childish as it seems now, these Saturday night conversation always led to a fight. "Why don't you ever take me to Lahore Tikka House?! You go with your friends all the time and have never invited me!" ... is the argument I remember most clearly. I realize now how frustrated I was to be so incapacitated, and how much I envied him for being so free.

Last week my boyfriend, his Dad and my able-bodied self finally made it out to Gerrard East - Toronto's own Little India - and I got my fill of Pakistani food. We ordered way too much food, and I ate it all as a tribute to my formerly isolated, bored, bald and weak self.

Have you ever been to If not, GO. Only after trying their absolutely scrumptuous Tandoori Chicken will you fully understand the source of my envy.

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