Tuesday, July 19, 2011

#23: Get into a Masters Program

"Apply to do my Masters" has been on my New Year's Resolution list since completing my undergrad 4 years ago. Can you imagine the heartache I endured after getting declined every year since then?

So, naturally, I left this resolution off my Cancer Resolution checklist. I wanted this list to be inspiring and indulgent - not dreary and depressing!

Today, however, exactly a year from the day I was told a huge tumour occupied by entire right chest cavity, I am pleased to report that the first application to a Masters program I submitted post-diagnosis was successful.

I got accepted to do my Masters!!!

The Masters of Education program is delivered online and on-site by Nipissing University, and is perfect for working professionals just like me! The program will complement my ongoing work with a tobacco cessation project, as well as open up way more opportunities in health promotion and education.

I fully attribute my renewed determination to my cancer journey. I remember thinking, 'if I can survive cancer, can't I withstand a few more Masters rejections?'

This is the ultimate cancer resolution, because without cancer, it wouldn't have happened.

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