Monday, May 21, 2012

#71: Make "me time"

The beautiful long weekend in Southern Ontario is coming to a close. Looking back on it, I'm wondering, how much of these three, glorious days off of work did you spend fulfilling obligations? Conversely, how much of it did you spend doing exactly what you, and you alone, wanted? Although these two questions may not be exclusive (I sometimes find gratification in meeting obligations), I'm guessing most of us spent the extra day off work getting something we've been avoiding out of the way.

My free time seems to fill up with these 'duties' very quickly. When I was finished treatment, however, not having enough energy or the good health to give my time over to others whenever it was required forced me to use my time everyday doing exactly what I wanted. Enter the concept of "me time". 

"Me time" is probably familiar to you. I think we all know that moment where we make a concerted effort to just chill out, enjoy the peace and quiet, and put our thoughts and stresses to rest for even a brief moment (ie. escaping some social outing by spending too long in the bathroom). For me, "me time" is usually spent at home, watching a movie that I've been longing to see, catching up on one of my favourite TV shows, or a more pertinent example, catching up on a blog post I've been meaning to write. Generally, "me time" is spent doing what I want - turning my brain off and filling my time with my own, unique interests. It's all about me! 

The weekend isn't over yet. A beautiful Monday still awaits me to be filled with everything that I want to do. Make some "me time" today! 

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