Saturday, February 18, 2012

#98: Hit the Dance Floor

Cancer treatment brought out the old lady in me, and I still get tired standing up for long periods of time. Yes, one long year after I finished treatment, and I continue to worry about having somewhere to rest my weary body when I go out. So, you can imagine how unappealing the idea of spending the night waiting in line to get knocked around on a sweaty, crowded dance floor has been for me.

.... Until now.

One Bachelorette weekend and another night out with my amazing soccer teammates was enough to undo all the antipathy I had acquired for crowded bars, and remind me just how fun it can be to feel the music and let loose on the D-Floor.

Granted, one night required the roominess and space afforded by bottle service at an out-of-town bar, and the second was on a less-busy Friday Night during reading week when all the drunken University students were out-of-town... Regardless, I was reminded that cutting lose doesn't have to be all sweat and elbows.

Today, my feet hurt and no amount of coffee will help me feel alert enough to crack open my Research Methods text book. But, that won't undo the hilarious memories I have of breaking it down to NIN's "Closer" like a carefree 21-year-old on the dance floor last night.

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