Monday, January 30, 2012

#91: Depend On Your Friends

Another post on the topic of friendship. What can I say, friends have been an important part of my recovery!

Also, I happened to stumble across this article in The Sunday Star over the weekend. It is a beautiful account of women growing older together, and a young woman's misguided concept about what constitutes a full life. Her story reminded me of all the times I reached out to my friends since my diagnosis, and how grateful I am for what I got in return.

Growing up, I was never the kid who 'hung out'. My sisters and I were busy swimming, dancing, playing piano, finishing homework, fighting with each other, and by the time I had given up on those after-school activities, I had acquired a long-term boyfriend. It seems strange to admit this, but my friends and I rarely spent time with each other for the simple purpose of hanging out.

It wasn't until I was off work on my sick leave that I finally began to spend some good, quality time with my girlfriends. Sure, my motive at the time was to stave off cabin fever and maintain my sanity, but I soon noticed the bigger consequence of these visits - I began to depend on my girlfriends. My friends became the ones I reached out to in times of crisis, and the ones who could best calm me in those weak, vulnerable moments.

That effect lasts to this day, and in those moments of crisis - it's my girlfriends who I call. The ones who can so calmly understand, sympathize, and gently bring me back to reality.

I can hardly imagine a less judgmental, and more supportive relationship than that between girlfriends. Like The Star columnist says, "friendships between women are often the most profound lovestories."

I am endlessly grateful for the few lovestories I've experienced of my own.

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