Thursday, December 29, 2011

#39: Resolve Not to Resolve

Constant self-improvement is a lot of work. I love writing this blog, but continuously reflecting inward to find areas for amelioration is full of pressure, and oftentimes, disappointment.

This New Year's, I'm resolving not to make any resolutions. I've spent most of this year setting goals for myself and meeting them (as all of you have so faithfully followed), that the added demand of a New Year's resolution is simply intimidating.

Sure, I'd like to make both swim practices every week, eat a full serving of vegetables with every meal and go for two runs a week and maybe even lose 10lbs. But instead, I'm vowing to be more forgiving of myself. So what if I eat a cup below the daily standard of vegetables? Or miss a swim practice when my body is telling me to stay plotted on the couch? A history of setting such high standards for myself means falling even a little below that bar would still be a feat.

So, 2012 will be resolution-free for me. (Aside from the 45 resolutions I still have to check off my cancer resolution list - which I promise to be more lenient about!) This year, I will ease into my 'new normal' and familiarize myself with what being a cancer survivor really means.

And to all my dear followers, good luck with your own resolutions. Cheers to a New Year!

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