Monday, October 10, 2011

#94: Buy Fresh Cut Flowers

I got a lot of flowers during treatment, and considering how much time I spent sitting on my couch staring at the objects in my apartment, the flowers were a welcome addition.

The nice thing about having a vase overflowing with freshly scented and vibrantly coloured flowers isn't the fact that someone who loves you bought them for you (although it is a lovely gesture and one I highly encourage doing for someone you love).

Flowers are what Richard Carlson called, in the Don't Sweat the Small Stuff daily calendar I keep on my desk at work, "evidence of love". It's not only evidence that someone loves you, but that you love yourself enough and the space you live or work in enough to put the time, energy and money into caring for it.

So, even though I'm spending this beautiful October day indoors studying, I made sure to decorate with some harvest flowers. I might feel a little differently when I cart their wilted, dried carcasses to the dumpster mid-week, but for now, my senses are grateful for the stimulation.

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