Friday, August 26, 2011


In a desperate attempt to find others like me after my diagnosis, I happily stumbled upon Young Adult Cancer Canada's webpage devoted to young adult survivors' stories.

For whatever reason, the quote that stuck in my memory from these profiles was a survivor who vowed never to drink again post-treatment. "I've had enough nausea for one lifetime" was how she pinpointed her reasoning.

I didn't throw up much during treatment (although I did endure my fair of nausea), but what this survivor said still resonated with me. I interpreted her vow as a commitment to not wasting anymore of her days regretting her decisions from the night before.

Even though I haven't attempted to cease alcohol consumption entirely, in an effort to please my former chemo-self, I compromised to resolve never to be hungover again. Ever. So now, I drink water in between beverages and in copious amounts long after the last one, I try really hard to sip rather than gulp, and I send myself home at weeknight hours even on weekends.

Hangovers bite the big one, and the worst part is they're typically coupled with intense regret over some poor decision you made the night before (like that shot you took before leaving the bar at 1:59am). Unlike my fellow survivor, however, I'll choose moderate enjoyment over abstinence, and wait to see how long it lasts.

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  1. Can't agree with you more on this one. After experiencing intense stomach pains for months before being diagnosed with Colitis, I never wanted to voluntarily put myself in that kind of pain again. I now drink in moderation and turns out the night is more fun that way!