Sunday, September 4, 2011

#7: Indulge in a Guilty Pleasure

During my sick leave last Fall, I was eager to keep busy. Fortunately for me, we live in a world full of information and instant gratification. Top on the list of distractions was familiarizing myself with the origins of the terms "GTL", "grenades" and "fistpumping". After only six episodes of Jersey Shore, I was hooked. Each character was ironically endearing, and it felt good to let myself indulge. It quickly became my guilty pleasure.

I acquired more guilty pleasures throughout my sick leave. Every chemo day, my mom would buy me the thickest InStyle fashion magazine, as well as a hoard of other glossies. Kate and Will got engaged, and I permitted myself a whole day of Wikipedia-ing, Youtube-ing and learning all that I could about the Royals and Kate. I only felt a little bad for letting my mind and curiosity run rampant with fluff.

Jersey Shore just started the 3rd season (those idiots are in in Italy!!), and Kate and Will got married last Spring. I still have my People Official Wedding Album that I happily peruse with glee and calm, and streaming the most recent episode of Jersey Shore is next on my Sunday Morning To Do List.

I apply myself fully at my job everyday, I read fiction and non-fiction, I'm going back to school next week, and I often engage in healthy debate with friends, family and colleagues. And sometimes, I get pleasure out of watching a bunch of Guidos get in a bar fight or fantasizing about what I would wear on my Royal Tour of Canada.

We all have our guilty pleasures!

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