Thursday, August 18, 2011

#1: Be Cancer Free

I delayed publishing this resolution. Despite my knowledge of how science and medicine contributed to my current health status, I am still afraid of jinxing myself or tempting the fates.

But what's the point of enduring such a long and grueling treatment process if you can't relish in it's success?

So, dear followers, I'm happy to report to you that my number one priority after being diagnosed with cancer was confirmed. I achieved remission.

I am making this announcement now because just one year ago yesterday, I woke up to the dreaded reminder that 'I have cancer'. At that moment, it seemed like the world and all it's opportunity had shut off to me. My goals changed from all the aspirations a 25-year-old might have, like going back to school, moving in with a partner, buying a house, to simply regaining my good health.

Now, a year later, all those opportunities are open to me again. I'm going back to school in the fall, and by virtue of this blog, doing all the things I couldn't during treatment.

Life's good. But that's only because the rest of the time, it's kind of shitty.

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