Saturday, July 30, 2011

#29: Get to First Base

With a week to go before my last chemotherapy treatment, my boyfriend excitedly announced he was looking forward to treatment being over so he could make out with me again. Apparently, I learned, he had been holding back on kissing me throughout treatment for fear of getting me sick.

I'm still not sure what is worse - the fact that I was deprived of my boyfriend's caresses for 5 months, or the fact that I had barely noticed.

After trying to convince him that the attempt was likely in vain (I was exposed to his germs even without exchanging saliva), we agreed that once my white blood cells returned to normal, we would have a good, uninhibited make out sesh.

And, that we did. Whether Mike saved me from contracting an infection or not, his caring, considerate and thoughtful intentions did not go unnoticed.

Missing out on 5 months of smooches is a small price to pay to gain a lifetime of kisses from my sweet man.

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