Completed Resolutions

1. Be ‘cancer-free’
3. Go back to Holland
4. Visit Paris and French wine country
5. Go somewhere I’ve never been
6. Train for a Half-Marathon   
7. Indulge in a Guilty Pleasure
8. Start a Family*
9. Take Benefits at Work 
11. Ignorance is Bliss
12. Have a Drink 
13. Go on a Family Vacation (even though you’re all adults)
14. Plan a Girls Getaway 
15. Finish a 10k Race
16. Expect it to Spill
17. Compete in a Bike Race
18. Go for a Nature Walk
19. Bike down the Leslie Spit
20. Do What Scares You Most
21. Read Non-Fiction
22. Speak in front of hundreds of people 
23. Get into a Masters Program
24. Admit you Need Help
25. Designate a Caregiver
26. Make a Bucket List
27. Eat (decadent) Solid Food
28. Movies are (Healing) Magic
29. Get to First Base
30. Speak Up
31. Stand your ground
32. Get a Physical
33. Live Life in the Slow Lane
34. Believe in Yourself
35. Meet Up with an Old Friend
36. Raise Funds for a Good Cause 
37. Make New Friends, Based on New Interests
38. Let There Always Be Cupcakes!
39. Resolve Not to Resolve
40. Spend the Night at Home Reading 
41. Eat Spicy Food (without getting terrible acid reflux)
42. Have a Bubbly Bubble Bath 
43. Play the Cancer Card
44. Find Your Escape
45. Go to the Market on a Weekday 
46. Get Free Stuff
47. Blow your Paycheque
48. Just say No
49. Babysit your Niece 
50. Eat Sushi (with raw fish)
51. Disconnect and Decompress
52. Get a Haircut 
53. Eat at the Wynn Buffet
54. Get a Year Older
55. Don’t Ask Why
56. Don’t Use a Tanning Bed! 
57. Complain about How Long Your Day Was
58. Be Gangster
59. STFU
60. Mother Knows Best
61. Don't FML
62. Count your Battle Scars
63. Be Careful What you Wish For
64. Spend Time with Your Grandparents 
65. Open Up
66. Non-Resolutions: Sweat the Small Stuff
67. Go for an Early Morning Run
68. Go For a Long Walk on the Beach
69. Make a Monthly Budget
70. Watch a Wound Heal 
71. Make “Me Time”
72. Wash your Hands Often 
73. Slow Down
85. Order A Side of Fries
86. The Grass Isn't Greener
87. Participate in a Protest
88. Never Eat Street Meat 
89. Remember to Breathe
90. Revive Family Sundays
91. Depend On Your Friends
92. Don't Rely on a Thermometer to Tell You You're Healthy
94. Buy Fresh Cut Flowers
95. Donate Blood
96a. Blog It Up
96b. Blog it Up
97. Let Go of the Past and Move On!
98. Hit the Dance Floor!
99. Build Your Community
100. Stay Cancer Free
The resolutions continue...
101. Make Resolutions Count
102. Make Non-Cancer Resolutions
103. Think Negative Thoughts
104. I'm not a Statistic
105. Be Mindful (series of multiple posts)
106. 4 Books / 4 Weeks
107. WALK
108. Schedule Time for Spontaneity
109. Live Everyday Like a Foreigner
110. Get A Master's Degree